Hokkaido is a land of magnificent nature and scenery that changes with the seasons - a land full of travel attractions. We bring you a variety of travel goods from Hokkaido.

Here is the products made from waste material of voluntarily retired Tokaido Shinkansen series N700 typeA!

You can enjoy from suitcases, travel goods, and furniture that make your travel more enjoyable.
(Of course these upcycleed items are JR Tokai approved!)


100% Recycled Shell Suitcases

This is a recycled shell suitcase in which the scrap material from the manufacturing process of the main body shell (suitcase exterior) is made into chips and 100% reused for the main body shell.

We have been conducting a series of tests until we were able to transform 100% of the scrap material into a new suitcase.
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Protect your journey

environmentally friendly

ACE LUGGAGE steadily incorporates environmentally friendly methods and techniques into manufacturing, even in small ways, so that Japan, a beautiful island country, can continue to be a tourist destination where you can enjoy the colors of the four seasons and the unique scenery of each region. (ACE LUGGAGE) works to protect the natural environment in whatever way we can.

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  • At ACE LUGGAGE, we have established the 7R's and are developing products that fall under any of them.

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Tough yet light. Interior item made of sustainable material ``Muscle Cardboard = heavy cardboard (reinforced cardboard)''.

The furniture using the window and seat fabric of the Tokaido Shinkansen, which was well-received on the cloudfounding service "Makuake", is now available!

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