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Haybale Rollable Soft Suitcase CABIN_No.8801177

Haybale Rollable Soft Suitcase CABIN_No.8801177

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A soft suitcase with a distinctive front panel that can be rolled up and folded.
It can be opened and closed without taking up much space even in a small space, so it is useful for packing, loading and unloading items while moving, and carrying catalogs and samples during sales activities. The interior is equipped with practical partition steps that allow you to take out your luggage on the train while your suitcase is still standing.
This Japanese-made suitcase is carry-on size (100 seats or more on international/domestic flights) and is suitable for business trips or travel for one or two nights.

Size H55 x W31 x D23cm
Weight/capacity 2.7kg/28L
Body material: 100% recycled polyester
Interior recycled polyester
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Main body material is 100% recycled polyester
□ Suitable for carry-on size
□ Single wheel casters/Grooved silent casters/Equipped with bearings
□ TS dial lock
□ Top handle & main handle
□ One push caster stopper
   (patent number 5175329)
□ Foldable front panel
□ Back pocket
□ Interior : Partition steps for easy storage of small items even when standing up/with fixing belt
□ Brand logo mark made from Hokkaido birch wood
□ Uses Hokkaido cowhide shrink leather
□ Made in Japan

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The front panel, which can be rolled up and folded, can be opened and closed without taking up space even in narrow spaces, so it is useful for packing, as well as for loading and unloading luggage while traveling on trains, buses, etc.

It has dividers that make it easy to store small items even when it's upright, and a belt that can secure your belongings.
It can also be used as a place to store small items used while traveling, or as a place to simply store small items used until just before departure.

手元のスイッチで簡単に操作でき、バスや電車、坂道などで不意な走行を防ぐワンプッシュキャスターストッパー搭載「Haybale ローラブルソフトスーツケース」

One push caster stopper (patent number 5175329)

It can be easily operated with a switch on hand, and is equipped with a caster stopper function to prevent unexpected movement on buses, trains, slopes, etc. Push the button all the way down to lock it, and push it again to return it to its original position to unlock it.

Single wheel caster / Grooved silent function / Equipped with bearings

Single-wheel casters move straight in the direction you want to go, reducing the wobbling that often occurs when hauling heavy loads.
The silent function suppresses the noise generated when driving, and the grooves in the tires reduce the sound of collision with the ground, creating a quiet effect. Based on inspections by public institutions, it has been proven that the perceived sound volume is reduced by about 30% compared to conventional products, and the grooves make it 8% quieter.
The wheels have built-in bearings that enable smooth running. It reduces starting resistance and rotational resistance, reduces heat generation in the axle due to friction, and prevents tire deterioration.

The back pocket is a gusseted zipper pocket with a divider pocket that can store notepads, pens, tickets, etc.

くるくると丸めながら折り畳めるフロントパネルで、狭いスペースでも場所を取らずに開閉できるソフトタイプのスーツケース(キャリーケース)「Haybale ローラブルソフトスーツケース」機内持ち込みサイズ

Compatible with carry-on size.
(Compatible with aircraft with 100 or more seats on international and domestic flights*)
*Please note that regulations may differ depending on each airline, so please check the aircraft you are planning to board.

本体素材に100%リサイクルポリエステルを使用。北海道産シラカンバ材を使用したブランドロゴマークと、北海道産牛革シュリンクレザーを採用した「Haybale ローラブルソフトスーツケース」

The main body material is 100% recycled polyester, the brand logo is made from Hokkaido birch wood, and Hokkaido cowhide shrink leather is used. A fragrant product from Hokkaido.

トップハンドルと、施錠したまま預け入れが可能なTS認可ダイヤルロック(Travel Sentry®認可ロック)搭載「Haybale ローラブルソフトスーツケース」

TS認可ダイヤルロック(Travel Sentry®認可ロック)搭載で、施錠したまま預け入れが可能です。

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