A color palette series inspired by Hokkaido's beautiful scenery and plants.

Hokkaido is full of attractions for travel, with magnificent nature and scenery that changes with the seasons. We have collected the beautiful colors and shapes of Hokkaido and depicted them on the body colors and interior fabrics.

  • Body color x interior

    The colors and patterns are inspired by the scenery of Hokkaido, making preparing for your trip and packing up fun.

  • Stop with one push

    It can be easily operated with a switch at hand, and is equipped with a caster stop function to prevent unexpected rolling on buses, trains, or on slopes.

  • Silent casters

    It reduces noise while driving and the grooves in the tires reduce the sound of collisions with the ground, providing a noise-reduction effect.

    About "yezoLABO"

    ACE Luggage's original brand "yezoLABO".