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Trunk Leather Band Hard Suitcase CABIN_No.5800177

Trunk Leather Band Hard Suitcase CABIN_No.5800177

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[yezoLABO Authentic Series]
[Carry-on size]
A hard suitcase made in Japan with an authentic appearance, lavishly decorated with cowhide from Hokkaido.
The leather band that goes across the front of the device matches the color of the device itself: the black version features shrink leather with a strong grain of the same color, while the brown version features delicate, smooth leather in a natural color.
This Japanese-made carry-on size suitcase (for international and domestic flights with 100 or more seats) is ideal for business trips or trips of one or two nights.

Size: H54 x W37 x D24cm
Weight/Capacity 3.2kg/36L
Body material: Polycarbonate
Secondary material : Cowhide (shrink/smooth)
Country of Origin: Japan

□Made from Hokkaido cowhide and smooth leather □Carry-on size compatible ※
□Single wheel caster/silent grooved caster/bearing installed
□TS dial lock
□Auto-return top and main handle
□One-push caster stopper (Patent No. 5175329)
□Interior: Zipper dividers on both sides/Zipper pockets □Brand logo made from Hokkaido white birch
□Made in Japan

*Compatible with international and domestic flights with aircraft with 100 or more seats
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The leather band that goes across the front of the watch is made from luxurious cowhide from Hokkaido. The black (01) is made from shrink leather with a strong grain of the same color, while the brown (08) is made from delicate and smooth beige leather.

北海道産の牛革を贅沢にあしらった、オーセンティックな佇まいの日本製ハードスーツケース (キャリーケース)「Trunkレザーバンドハードスーツケース」。機内持込CABINサイズ、預け入れMIDDLEサイズの2型、01ブラック、08ブラウンの2色展開です。

Black (01) / Brown (08) / 2 colors
The black is combined with silver parts to create a strong yet chic impression, while the solid brown is combined with beige leather to create a playful yet sophisticated impression.

北海道産の牛革を贅沢にあしらった、オーセンティックな佇まいの日本製ハードスーツケース (キャリーケース)「Trunkレザーバンドハードスーツケース」機内持込CABINサイズ/01ブラック

Compatible with carry-on size.
(Compatible with aircraft with 100 or more seats on international and domestic flights*)
*Please note that regulations may differ depending on each airline, so please check the aircraft you are planning to board.


One-push caster stopper (Patent No. 5175329)

It is easy to operate with a switch on the handle, and is equipped with a caster stop function that prevents the chair from moving unexpectedly on buses, trains, on slopes, etc. Press the button all the way down to lock it, and press it again to return it to the original position to unlock it.


Single caster / grooved silent function / bearing installed

The single-wheel caster moves straight in the direction you want to go, reducing the wobbling that can often occur when pulling heavy loads.
Based on tests conducted by public institutions, silent casters have been proven to reduce perceived noise by approximately 30% compared to conventional casters, and the presence of grooves makes them 7% quieter. The silent effect is achieved by reducing noise generated during driving and by the grooves in the tires mitigating the sound of collisions with the ground.
The wheels are fitted with built-in bearings that enable smooth running. They reduce starting resistance and rolling resistance, mitigate heat build-up in the axle due to friction, and prevent tire deterioration.


Both the top handle and main handle are auto-return type, meaning they automatically return to their original position when you let go of them.
The top handle is useful when carrying the bag up stairs or into a checked baggage compartment, while the main handle is useful for carrying the bag into your home or placing it on the luggage rack on a train.


The interior is equipped with zippered dividers and zippered pockets on both sides for storing luggage.
There is a wide vertical zipper pocket at the bottom of the main body, and two horizontal zipper pockets at the top. They are ideal for storing small items.

TrunkレザーバンドハードスーツケースにはTS認可ダイヤルロック(Travel Sentry®認可ロック)搭載で、施錠したまま預け入れが可能です。

Equipped with a TS approved dial lock (Travel Sentry® approved lock), allowing you to deposit your luggage while it is locked.


The "yezoLABO" brand logo mark is made from Hokkaido white birch wood.


Made in Japan - proof of product made in Japan.
The motif is Mount Irumkeppu and the sun as seen from Ace Luggage's Akabira factory in Hokkaido.
Since it is a sticker type, you can peel it off and use it.

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