Tokaido Shinkansen Journey Series

The Journey series uses scrap wood from retired Tokaido Shinkansen trains to help you enjoy your train journey even more.

It can be used not only as a travel companion, but also at home or in the office, transforming it into an item that brings the joy of travel into your daily life ! Further enhance your railway life with upcycled items approved by JR Tokai .



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Ordinary cars

N700 series type A

From suitcases to travel accessories to interior design, you can enjoy the iconic blue color.



The seat fabric is replaced regularly for vehicle inspections, etc. We have a selection of items with a focus on travel accessories, featuring the iconic blue color.

Just like the Shinkansen, a popular form of transportation for all generations, we also have daily and travel bags that can be used by both adults and children, as well as popular interior and travel accessories!

Green cars - first class cars

N700 series type A

The rare fabrics have been transformed into popular travel accessories and furniture.

    Green cars - グリーン車

    N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen moquette hard suitcase

    A hard suitcase with a ticket holder made from Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A seat moquette fabric.
    The main body of this suitcase is made in Japan, and 100% of the material used in the suitcase manufacturing process is turned into chips and reused for the main body shell .


    <About seat moquette fabric>

    This product is an upcycled item and uses fabric taken from seats that were actually used on the Tokaido Shinkansen.

    Each item is in a different condition, and we try to use resources as carefully and without waste as possible.

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    Missing pile napping

    The pile may be chipped due to years of use. Do not pinch the threads and pull them with strong force as this may cause the pile to fray.

    Stitch sewn as a seat

    The stitches sewn to create the seat shape are left intact.

    Cracks in the brushed pile fabric due to rubbing

    Depending on the shape of the product, the pile may seem cracked.

    Slight discoloration due to rubbing

    There may be some discoloration due to years of use as a seating seat.