How to use TS lock <first time unlocking method>

◆Here we describe how to open the lock for the first time. For detailed operating instructions, please see the "How to use TS Lock" booklet included with your purchased product.

◆If the "first time unlocking method sticker" is affixed to the top of the shipping package of the purchased product, please read it.

◆The TS lock that comes with products purchased on this site is a dial type, so a key is not included. The button's keyhole is for airport staff to open using an unlocking tool during baggage inspection.

◆If you would like to know more about TS Lock, please check the Travel Sentry® official website.



Initial unlocking method <Zipper type/dial lock type>

1) The unlock number is initially set to "0-0-0" when shipped from the factory. When you open it for the first time after purchasing, please set it to "0-0-0" .

How to use TS lock: How to unlock for the first time


2) Slide the button according to the arrow displayed on the slide button. The zipper pull will be released from the lock. Move the zipper pull all the way to the end to open the suitcase.

*If you force the suitcase to open when the zipper is only partially open, the zipper may be damaged.

How to use the TS lock (first time unlocking method)

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