About warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty period for products purchased at authorized retailers (excluding outlets) and provide high-level after-sales service.

If a material or manufacturing defect is found during the warranty period, we will repair the product free of charge (or replace it if it is determined that repair is difficult).

However, damage caused by handling by airlines, damage caused during other transportation, damage caused by incorrect usage, and superficial damage due to normal use (wear of casters, zippers, handles, etc.) Scratches, discoloration, etc.), damage caused by repair or modification at a repair center other than our authorized repair center are not covered by the warranty.

Furthermore, please note that damages related to costs associated with damage to, loss of, unusability of contents, loss of opportunities, etc. are also not covered. Products purchased at outlets are also not covered by the warranty.

We also accept repairs for products whose warranty period has expired, so please contact the authorized retailer where you purchased the product or our our customer center. If necessary, we will contact you with an estimate and, with your approval, carry out the repair.

In order to receive this warranty, you will need to present proof of purchase from an authorized retailer, so please keep your proof of purchase, such as your purchase receipt or purchase confirmation email with your order number, in a safe place. Please note that you will be charged a fee if you purchase from a non-official retailer, purchase at outlets, or do not present proof of purchase. Please note that restrictions and exceptions may apply depending on your region.