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Brush-Hokkaido Color Palette Hard Suitcase LARGE_No.5801477

Brush-Hokkaido Color Palette Hard Suitcase LARGE_No.5801477

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A series of hard-type suitcases made in Japan that captures the beautiful colors of Hokkaido.
We have five colors available:
1. Hakodate Navy, famous as one of the three best night views in Japan
2. Ezo Pine Khaki, the symbol of Hokkaido
3. Rugosa Pink, which blooms proudly along the coast
4. Ezo Rainy Season Gray, which represents Hokkaido's unique climate
5. Biei Blue, the mysterious blue pond.
The interior is decorated with a pattern design that matches each color, and the main shell (suitcase exterior) has a ribbed design reminiscent of brushstrokes, like brushwork in a picture frame, highlighting the beautiful three-dimensional effect. It also has excellent functionality, such as a stopper that stops with one push and silent casters. This large-sized Japanese-made suitcase with a total size of 156 cm is suitable for business trips and trips of about 5 to 7 nights.

Size: H77 x W52 x D27cm
Weight/Volume 4.9kg/95L
Body material: Polycarbonate
Country of Origin: Japan

□ International standard size for checked baggage (total external dimensions within 157cm)
□Single wheel caster/silent grooved caster/bearing installed
□TS dial lock
□Top handle & main handle (pickup handle)
□One-push caster stopper (Patent No. 5175329)
□Body shell: Textured to make scratches less noticeable
□Brand logo made from Hokkaido white birch
□Made in Japan

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北海道の美しい風景や植物などから色彩採集した、日本製ハードタイプスーツケース(キャリーケース)「Brush 北海道カラーパレットスーツケース」。本体シェルは額縁に収められたブラッシュワークのように、筆触を思わせるリブデザインが美しい立体感を際立たせます。11はまなすピンク/15美瑛ブルー/09蝦夷梅雨グレー/03ネイビー秋頃発売予定/04カーキ秋頃発売予定

Hakodate Navy (03) / Ezomatsu Khaki (04) / Ezo Rainy Season Gray (09) / Hamanasu Pink (11) / Biei Blue (15) / 5 colors in total

The beautiful night view of Hakodate, famous as one of the three most beautiful night views in Japan. The symbol of Hokkaido, the endemic spruce. The Ezo rainy season, Hokkaido's unique climate of continuous drizzle. Rugosa roses, flowers blooming along the coast. The mysterious Shirogane Blue Pond in Biei, filled with sparkling water.
Hokkaido is full of beautiful colors.

Click here to see the motifs of beautiful colors collected from Hokkaido.


The interior features a pattern design with motifs collected in different colors to match the color of the main shell.
The design is reminiscent of Hokkaido.

Partitions and zipper pockets for storing luggage. The top side of the main body has two zipper pockets so that the luggage on the top side does not fall out when you place the suitcase on the floor and close it. The bottom side has a belt to secure the luggage.

北海道の美しい風景や植物などから色彩採集した、日本製ハードタイプスーツケース(キャリーケース)「Brush 北海道カラーパレットスーツケース」預け入れLARGEサイズ/15美瑛ブルー。本体シェルは額縁に収められたブラッシュワークのように、筆触を思わせるリブデザインが美しい立体感を際立たせます。5~7泊程度の出張や旅行に適した、トータルサイズ156cmの大型サイズの日本製スーツケース(キャリーケース)です。

Deposit size with total external dimension of 156cm. Compatible with international standard sizes, allowing you to check in your baggage free of charge.


One-push caster stopper (Patent No. 5175329)

It is easy to operate with a switch on the handle, and is equipped with a caster stop function that prevents the chair from moving unexpectedly on buses, trains, on slopes, etc. Press the button all the way down to lock it, and press it again to return it to the original position to unlock it.


Single caster / grooved silent function / bearing installed

The single-wheel caster moves straight in the direction you want to go, reducing the wobbling that can often occur when pulling heavy loads.
Based on tests conducted by public institutions, silent casters have been proven to reduce perceived noise by approximately 30% compared to conventional casters, and the presence of grooves makes them 7% quieter. The silent effect is achieved by reducing noise generated during driving and by the grooves in the tires mitigating the sound of collisions with the ground.
The wheels are fitted with built-in bearings that enable smooth running. They reduce starting resistance and rolling resistance, mitigate heat build-up in the axle due to friction, and prevent tire deterioration.


The top handle is useful for carrying the bag up stairs or when checking it in as luggage, while the main handle is useful for carrying the bag into the house or placing it on the luggage rack on a train. The pick-up handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip, and folds flat when not in use to save space.

Brush北海道カラーパレットスーツケース(キャリーケース)はTS認可ダイヤルロック(Travel Sentry®認可ロック)搭載で、施錠したまま預け入れが可能です。

Equipped with a TS approved dial lock (Travel Sentry® approved lock), allowing you to deposit your luggage while it is locked.


The "yezoLABO" brand logo mark is made from Hokkaido white birch wood.

The design of the main shell is a ribbed design reminiscent of brushwork in a picture frame. When light hits it, the three-dimensional effect stands out.


Made in Japan - proof of product made in Japan.
The motif is Mount Irumkeppu and the sun as seen from the Ace Luggage Akabira Factory in Hokkaido. The ribbon is designed with a series of "y" marks, and combines the colors of the sky and snow of Hokkaido.
The stickers and ribbons can be removed if desired.

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