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mCB White Birch BOX 19.2 inches_No.1604277

mCB White Birch BOX 19.2 inches_No.1604277

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This Japanese-made storage box has an inner dimension of 19.2 inches and lavishly uses Hokkaido white birch for the handle.
The main body is made of "tough yet lightweight muscle cardboard (reinforced cardboard)". It comes in five different sizes and can be stacked depending on the size, making it ideal as a storage box for closets, garages, etc. It is an eco-friendly item made in Japan that can be recycled just like regular cardboard.

Size: W51 x H37 x D34cm (external dimensions)
Weight: 1.9kg
Body material: Reinforced cardboard for heavy items (2 layers)
Attached Hokkaido white birch
Country of Origin: Japan

□Main body made of heavy-duty cardboard (reinforced cardboard)
□Can be stacked depending on size
□Double handles made of Hokkaido birch
□Brand logo made of Hokkaido birch
□Can be recycled in the same way as regular cardboard*
□Made in Japan

*The muscle cardboard used in the main body of the product can be recycled as regular cardboard.
*Since birch is a natural wood, there will be individual differences.
*Please note that you cannot choose the condition.

For products made from muscle cardboard (reinforced cardboard), please check the return policy before purchasing .
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本体素材にクラフトペーパーの風合い豊かな、環境に優しいマッスルカードボード=重量物用ダンボール(強化ダンボール)を採用。重量物の梱包用木箱や家具、木製パレットなど、木材、鉄、アルミ、プラスチックに代わる素材として注目されており、通常のダンボールの約5倍(※2層の場合)の耐圧強度と高い強度が魅力の素材として世界中で使用されています。木材使用量の削減や軽重量で輸送時のCO2排出も抑えられる現代に寄り添うサステナブルな素材です。不要になった場合は、最上級のパルプ原料として一般ダンボールと一緒にリサイクル回収が可能です。できるだけお近くの資源回収ルートへお出しくださいますようお願いいたします。 また、シラカンバ材を使用している部分の廃棄に関しましては、お住まいの自治体の取り決めに従ってください。

The main body is made of environmentally friendly muscle cardboard, which has a rich craft paper texture and is made of cardboard for heavy loads (reinforced cardboard).
It has been attracting attention as an alternative material to wood, iron, aluminum, and plastic for packaging heavy items such as wooden boxes, furniture, and wooden pallets, and is used around the world for its high strength and pressure resistance, which is about five times that of regular cardboard (when used in the case of two layers). It is a sustainable material that is in line with modern times, as it reduces the amount of wood used and is lightweight, which also reduces CO2 emissions during transportation.

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「mCBシラカンバBOX」のハンドル部分には、北海道産シラカンバを贅沢に使用しています。シラカンバは、表面を磨き上げており触り心地がなめらかで、インテリアのワンポイントとして存在感を放ちます。 天然木材ですので、使用している箇所により、樹皮の模様や節などの個体差がございます。一つとして同じものはない特別感をお楽しみください。木材の状態はお選びいただけません。ご了承ください。

The handle is made of luxurious white birch from Hokkaido. The surface of the white birch is polished to a smooth texture, making it a striking addition to any interior decor.
Because it is made of natural wood, there will be individual differences in the bark patterns and knots depending on the part used. Please enjoy the special feeling that no two pieces are the same.
*Please note that you cannot choose the condition of the wood.

北海道産のシラカンバ(白樺)をハンドル部分に贅沢に使用した、内寸19.2インチの日本製収納ボックス「mCBシラカンバBOX 19.2インチ」No.1604277

This craft box has inner dimensions of 19.2 inches (W39 x H34 x D30 cm) and outer dimensions of W51 x H37 x D34 cm.
*Please note that due to the handmade nature of the product and the use of natural wood, there may be slight variations in size.


They come in five different sizes and can be stacked for storage depending on the size.


The 19.2-inch box can be stacked with two 12.3-inch boxes (sold separately) side by side. You can also stack two 19.2-inch boxes on top of a 28.1-inch box (sold separately).

「mCBシラカンバBOX 19.2インチ」は、冷蔵庫に入れない野菜やお米袋など、食料ストックなどを収納するボックスとしてもお使いいただけます。

It can also be used as a box to store food stocks, such as vegetables and rice bags that cannot be put in the refrigerator.


A brand logo made from Hokkaido birch wood.

Heavy-duty cardboard (reinforced cardboard) can be recycled together with general cardboard as it is the highest quality pulp material. If you no longer need it, please dispose of it at your nearest resource collection route.
In addition, please follow the regulations of your local government regarding disposal of parts made of birch wood.

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