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N700S Tokaido Shinkansen Embroidered Linen Pocket Square_No.8701577

N700S Tokaido Shinkansen Embroidered Linen Pocket Square_No.8701577

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This pocket square is made by reusing the “head rest covers” of Tokaido Shinkansen seats, which were regularly replaced and discarded.
The covers used on the bodies of the N700 series type A, N700A, and N700S are replaced with new ones on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness for the safety and security of passengers. This pocket square uses a green car back cover. Another appeal is that it is a little larger than a regular car. A product that embodies Tokaido Shinkansen's sustainable efforts. This is an upcycled item made in Japan that has been approved by JR Tokai and licensed for commercialization by JR West.

Size: approx. 36 x 37cm
Body material: 100% linen
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Adopts Tokaido Shinkansen seat back cover as main body material
□ N700S logo embroidered
□ Logo position can be placed anywhere you like by folding method
□ Made in Japan

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Adopts Tokaido Shinkansen seat back cover as main body material

The N700S logo is embroidered.

Place the logo where you like depending on how you fold it. It can be used as a pocket square.

<How to use>
Add white to a formal suit or add subtle embroidery to a casual jacket.

A pocket square made from the shape of a back cover. I purposely left the hook-and-loop tape on the back side to attach it to the seat. Why not hang it on your sofa at home and experience the feeling of riding the Tokaido Shinkansen?

○ If you wash it in a washing machine, please put it in a laundry net.
○ Please note that this product is an upcycled product, so there may be some scuffs or scratches.
○ This product comes with hook-and-loop tape that can be attached to the seat. Please note.
○ Please adjust the folding width depending on the pocket size of your jacket.

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