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mCB Dust Box 30L_No.1601277

mCB Dust Box 30L_No.1601277

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This is tough yet light. muscle-CARDBOARD = Dust box made of heavy cardboard ( reinforced cardboard).
The garbage inlet is a flap type that automatically closes when you remove your hand. Please use the bag by hanging the handle on the left and right grooves of the flap-type door. (30L plastic bag with handle recommended)
This is an eco-friendly item made in Japan that can be recycled and collected in the same way as regular cardboard.

Size H79 x W46 x D31cm
Weight/Capacity 3.2kg/30L
Main body material: Reinforced cardboard for heavy objects (2 layers)
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Uses heavy cardboard (reinforced cardboard) as main body material
□ Flap-type trash slot that closes naturally when you remove your hand
□ Compatible with 30L size plastic bag (700 x 330 x 170 mm) with handle
□ With drawer
□ Can be recycled and collected in the same way as regular cardboard*
□ Brand logo made from Hokkaido birch wood
□ Made in Japan

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The main body material is environmentally friendly heavy duty cardboard (reinforced cardboard) with a rich craft paper texture.
Heavy-duty cardboard (reinforced cardboard) is an alternative to wood, iron, aluminum, and plastic for packing heavy items such as wooden boxes, furniture, and wooden pallets.It has a large load capacity and pressure resistance approximately 10 times that of regular cardboard. It is used all over the world as an attractive material for its high strength. It is a sustainable material suitable for modern times as it reduces the amount of wood used and its light weight reduces CO2 emissions during transportation.

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Flap type garbage inlet. It will close automatically when you release your hand.


The appropriate size for the bag to be placed inside the flap is a 30 liter plastic bag with a handle (700 x 330 x 170 mm). Set the bag by hanging the handle on the left and right grooves of the flap-type door.


Comes with a drawer where you can store small items and spare bags.

A brand logo made from Hokkaido birch wood.

Heavy-duty cardboard (reinforced cardboard) is a top-quality pulp raw material that can be recycled and collected as general cardboard.
When you no longer need the item, please take it to the nearest resource recovery route if possible. In addition, regarding the disposal of parts that use moquette fabric for N700 series type A seats, please follow the regulations of your local government.

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