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mCB Christmas tree_No.1603177

mCB Christmas tree_No.1603177

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[Seasonal items]
This assembled Christmas tree is made of muscle-CARDBOARD and has a cute, rustic silhouette that spreads out into a triangular shape.
A three-dimensional tree is completed by combining the six parts. Even when assembled, it is very light and easy to move, allowing you to place it wherever you like. It has a compact design that can be disassembled and stored, saving storage space.
You can make a Christmas tree full of originality by decorating it with not only the ornaments you already have, but also by adding patterns with masking tape, using precious origami art made by children, pasting stickers or drawing on them.
The main body material is tough yet light muscle-CARDBOARD = reinforced cardboard. This is an eco-friendly item made in Japan that can be recycled and collected in the same way as regular cardboard.

Size H83 x W58 x D58cm
Main body material reinforced cardboard (2 layers)
Weight 1.7kg
Country of origin Made in Japan

□ made of reinforced cardboard for the main body parts
□ Can be recycled and collected in the same way as regular cardboard*
□ Space-saving storage
□ Brand logo made from Hokkaido birch wood
□ Made in Japan

*This product is a "customer assembled product".
*If you use water-based paints, etc., the main body may warp.
*The main body material, muscle card board, can be collected as general cardboard.
*Ornaments are not included.

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本体素材にクラフトペーパーの風合い豊かな、環境に優しいマッスルカードボード=重量物用ダンボール(強化ダンボール)を採用。 マッスルカードボードは、重量物の梱包用木箱や家具、木製パレットなど、木材、鉄、アルミ、プラスチックに代わる、耐荷重の大きさ、通常のダンボールの約10倍の耐圧強度と高い強度が魅力の素材として世界中で使用されています。木材使用量の削減や軽重量で輸送時のCO2排出も抑えられる現代に寄り添うサステナブルな素材です。 また、最上級のパルプ原料として一般ダンボールとしてリサイクル回収が可能です。ご不用になった際は、できるだけお近くの資源回収ルートへお出しくださいますようお願いいたします。

Please enjoy the Christmas scene while enjoying the entertainment of assembling. You can decorate it with your own ornaments and make it look gorgeous.
*Ornaments are not included.

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The main body material is made of environmentally friendly muscle-CARDBOARD = reinforced cardboard with a rich texture of craft paper.
muscle-CARDBOARD is an attractive alternative to wood, iron, aluminum, and plastic for packing heavy items such as wooden boxes, furniture, and wooden pallets. It has a large load capacity and is approximately 10 times more compressive and strong than regular cardboard, and it is used all over the world. It is a sustainable material for modern times as it reduces the amount of wood used and its light weight reduces CO2 emissions during transportation.
Additionally, as a top-quality pulp raw material, it can be recycled and collected as general cardboard. When you no longer need the item, please take it to the nearest resource recovery route.


Make it even cuter by displaying kids' art, origami or pictures as ornaments. Also you can decorate it by pasting stickers oe washi tapes on it.


You can store it in its assembled state, or you can disassemble it and put it together to save space.


Hang ornaments in the grooves on the side of the muscle-CARDBOARD and decorate it with your favorite style. There are 12 grooves for hanging ornaments. If you place the garland on the cross section of the muscle card board, you can roll it neatly without slipping.


A brand logo made from Hokkaido birch wood is placed at the bottom of the legs.

mCBクリスマスツリーは「お客様組立商品」です。 詳しい組立方法は、商品に同梱されている〈お取扱マニュアル-製品組立ガイド〉をご一読ください。 ブログ(組立ガイド)でもご覧いただけます。

<How to use>
This product is a "customer assembled product".
For detailed assembly instructions, please read the "Instruction Manual - Product Assembly Guide" included with the product.
You can also view it on the blog (assembly guide).

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