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Momonga Utility Backpack L_No.8800477

Momonga Utility Backpack L_No.8800477

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A utility backpack with a distinctive silhouette that looks like a flying squirrel flying away, and is packed with functionality.
This Japanese-made backpack has a solid design with warm hand-stitching and can be used in a variety of ways, such as PC storage and file storage for commuting, and an expandable function for when you are traveling on a business trip.

Size W29× H48× D16cm
Capacity/Weight 1130g/19/22L
Body material recycled nylon 160×320Dn twill/interlock processing
Attached Hokkaido cowhide shrink leather
Interior recycled polyester
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Recycled nylon is used for the main body material
□ Can store a 14-inch laptop
□ Can store A4 files
□ Expandable function
□ Back zipper pocket
□ Top zipper pocket
□ Shoulder harness that fits the shoulders
□ Chest belt
□ Holder pocket
□ Interior mesh pocket
□ Warm hand-stitched brand logo
□ Made from shrink cowhide leather from Hokkaido
□ Made in Japan

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「Momonga ユーティリティバックパック」の肩に沿うショルダーハーネス&チェストベルト。背中から肩にかけて一体型になったショルダーハーネスは、体を包み込むような形状でフィット感抜群です。腰に乗せるように背負うことで、重心が安定し負担軽減につながります。チェストベルト付きなので、身長や体格に合わせて体にフィットさせることができます。

Shoulder harness and chest belt along the shoulders.
The shoulder harness is integrated from the back to the shoulders and has a shape that wraps around the body for an excellent fit. Carrying it on your back stabilizes your center of gravity and reduces the burden on you. It comes with a chest belt, so you can adjust it to fit your body according to your height and physique.

Zipper sleeve that can hold a 14-inch laptop.
It is separate from the main air chamber, and is made of pile fabric to prevent scratches.
*Reference storage dimensions are W33 x H24 x D2.5cm. Although the description is generous, please check the external dimensions of your PC.

<A4 File>
A4 files can be stored in the interior partition pocket.

Expand function allows you to expand the backpack according to the amount of luggage. By widening the upper part, it won't fall down even when you put things in it, and it will maintain a dignified silhouette.

Top zipper pocket with plenty of pockets for storing small items.
There is a zipper mesh pocket on the air chamber side of the main body, a pocket with an eggplant ring that can hold pen holders, keys and ID cards, etc., and a gusseted pocket that can store wireless earphones, etc., and many other functions are packed into one pocket.

There is an interior mesh pocket located below the top zipper pocket. You can store small items such as sunglasses and stoles without them sinking to the bottom of the bag.

「Momonga ユーティリティバックパック」のスマートフォンやパスケースなどを収納できる背面ファスナーポケットは、内装生地にパイル地を使い、画面の擦れを軽減します。ホルダーポケットは、水筒や傘などを収納でき、外から直接アクセスが可能です。

The back zipper pocket can store smartphones, pass cases, etc., and uses pile fabric for the interior fabric to reduce screen scratches.
The holder pocket can store items such as water bottles and umbrellas, and can be accessed directly from the outside.

Uses cowhide shrink leather from Hokkaido. Above the "yezoLABO" emboss, the "y" is embroidered one by one to bring it to life. The stitching is reminiscent of a stamp, representing the proof of manufacturing in Hokkaido and the proof of the yezoLABO brand.

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