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N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen Moquette Soft Suitcase CABIN_No.8702177

N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen Moquette Soft Suitcase CABIN_No.8702177

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[JR Tokai approved upcycled items]
A soft suitcase with a ticket holder made from Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A seat moquette fabric.
Seat moquette fabric that was supposed to be discarded is used for the lower part of the handle, and the ticket holder features the profile of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the N700 series type A logo. On the back, there is a net pocket that was installed on retired Tokaido Shinkansen seats.
The opening and closing part of the main unit is a front panel type that can be folded while rolling up. It can be opened and closed without taking up space even in small spaces, so it is useful for loading and unloading items while moving. The interior is equipped with practical partition steps that allow you to take out your luggage on the train while your suitcase is still standing.
This Japanese-made suitcase is carry-on size (100 seats or more on international/domestic flights) and is suitable for business trips or travel for one or two nights.

Size H55 x W31 x D23cm
Weight/capacity 2.7kg/28L
Body material: 100% recycled polyester
Attached N700 type A moquette sheet, cowhide
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A seat moquette fabric is used at the bottom of the handle
□ Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A logo mark
□ Ticket holder made of seat moquette fabric included
□ Tokaido Shinkansen seat net pocket
□ 100% recycled polyester is used for the main body material
□ Inside the cabin Compatible with carry-on size*
□ Single wheel caster/Grooved silent caster/Equipped with bearings
□ TS dial lock
□ Top handle
□ One push caster stopper
   (Patent number 5175329)
□ Foldable front panel
□ Interior: Partition steps for easy storage of small items even when standing up/with fixing belt
□ Made with shrink cowhide leather from Hokkaido
□ Made in Japan
□ JR Tokai approved

*This product is an upcycled product. Please note that the condition of each item is different.
*Please note that you cannot choose the condition.
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The lower part of the handle is made of Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A seat moquette fabric.
The seats of the Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A are made of moquette fabric known as "velvet" and are characterized by their high-quality appearance and feel. The pile on the surface is short and brushed, making it resistant to friction.

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Blue (15)/1 color in total
Blue seat fabric used in Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A regular cars. Used for ticket holders and interior decoration.
The ticket holder is large enough to hold long tickets such as the Seishun 18 Kippu. There is storage space on both sides, making it easy to view multiple sheets. It can be fastened with a hook to hide stored tickets and personal information. The Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A logo is printed on the back of the ticket holder as proof that it is an upcycled item approved by JR Tokai.


A net pocket attached to the seat can be attached to the back to store maps and small items received at tourist spots.
*If you put heavy items in it, it may fall backwards.

The front panel, which can be rolled up and folded, can be opened and closed without taking up space even in narrow spaces, so it is useful for packing, as well as for loading and unloading luggage while traveling on trains, buses, etc.


One push caster stopper (patent number 5175329)

It can be easily operated with a switch on hand, and is equipped with a caster stopper function to prevent unexpected movement on buses, trains, slopes, etc. Push the button all the way down to lock it, and push it again to return it to its original position to unlock it.



進みたい方向にまっすぐ進む単輪キャスターは、重い荷物を引き運ぶ時に起こりがちなふらつきを抑えてくれます。 公的機関の検査に基づき、従来品に比べ静音キャスターの場合は約30%の体感音量軽減が証明され、なおかつ溝があることで、さらに7%静かになりました。走行時の音の発生を抑え、タイヤに入れた溝が地面との衝突音を緩和することにより、静音効果を生み出します。 ホイール部には滑らかな走行を可能にする、ベアリングが内蔵。始動抵抗と回転抵抗が低減され、摩擦による車軸の発熱を緩和し、タイヤの劣化を防ぐ効果があります。



トップハンドルと、施錠したまま預け入れが可能なTS認可ダイヤルロック(Travel Sentry®認可ロック)搭載「N700系typeA東海道新幹線モケットソフトスーツケース」

TS認可ダイヤルロック(Travel Sentry®認可ロック)搭載で、施錠したまま預け入れが可能です。




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