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N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen Moquette Tote L_No.8701477

N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen Moquette Tote L_No.8701477

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[JR Tokai approved upcycled items]
An eye-catching Japanese-made tote bag with a combination of natural -textured cotton canvas and embossed leather handles.
The interior pockets are made of moquette fabric that was actually used on the Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A. We washed the fabric that would have been thrown away, selected parts that could be reused, and carefully sewed them in Japan. The hooked charm, also made from moquette fabric, can be used to hang keychains, etc.
The main points are the profile of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the N700 series type A logo.

Size W37 x H41 x D4cm
Weight/capacity 310g/8L
Body material cotton canvas
Attached cowhide/cowhide embossed leather, N700 type A moquette sheet
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Cotton canvas is used for the main body material
□ Embossed leather (cowhide) handle
□ Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A logo mark
□ Moquette charm
□ Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A seat moquette fabric interior pocket
□ Can store B4 files
□ 15.6 inch notebook PC storage possible
□ Made in Japan
□ JR Tokai approved

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The main body material is cotton canvas with a natural texture. It has a gentle touch and a warm texture.

Biscuit (13)・Blue Gray (15)/2 colors in total
Available in two colors: dull-colored biscuit and blue-gray. Since it is an earth color, it is easy to match with clothes and is easy to match.

Big size that can fit B4 files and 15.6 inch notebook PC. It also has a gusset, so it's useful when you want to roughly put your luggage in.
* PC reference storage dimensions are W38.5 x H26.5 x D2.7cm. Although the description is generous, please check the external dimensions of your PC.

Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A logo embossed on the leather. This is proof that this is an upcycled item approved by JR Tokai.

The moquette charm has a hook, so you can attach your favorite keychain.

Interior pockets made from Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A seat moquette fabric. Small items such as keys and wallets can be stored.

The handle is made of luxuriously soft cowhide leather. It features embossed leather with a soft texture.

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