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N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen Moquette Gadget Pouch_No.8703277

N700 series typeA Tokaido Shinkansen Moquette Gadget Pouch_No.8703277

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[JR Tokai approved upcycled items]
[Green car type]
A gadget pouch made in Japan using green car seat moquette fabric from the Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A.
Adopts moquette fabric that was actually used in the green cars of the Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A. Due to the small number of seats, only about 15% of this valuable fabric is available for each car. After washing the fabric that would have been thrown away, we select parts that can be reused and carefully sew them in Japan.
It has an excellent storage capacity for mobile batteries, IC recorders, SD cards, etc. as it comes with a partition board and has many partitioned pockets. Cushioned moquette fabric softens impact. The main points are the profile of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the N700 series type A logo.

Size W20×H6×D14cm
Body material N700 series typeA moquette sheet
Country of origin: Made in Japan

□ Adopts seat moquette fabric from Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A
□ Adopts fabric from one of the few green cars
□ Logo mark of Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A
□ Interior partition pocket
□ Interior partition board
□ Interior polyester pile fabric
□ Made in Japan
□ Approved by JR Tokai upcycled items

*This product is an upcycled product. Please note that the condition of each item is different.
*The location of disadvantages varies depending on the individual.
*Please note that you cannot choose the condition of the product.
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The main body material is Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A "green car seat moquette fabric". The Green Car is a precious material because it has 4 rows of 3 cars out of 16 cars and has a small number of seats.
The seats of the Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A are made of moquette fabric known as "velvet" and are characterized by their high-quality appearance and feel. The pile on the surface is short and brushed, making it resistant to friction.
In addition, the pile of the dark brown square pattern part has been cut, giving it a three-dimensional feel.

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Brown (08)/1 color in total
This is the brown seat fabric color used in the green cars of the Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A.


There are many partition pockets inside. It can store everything from small items such as SD cards to electronic devices such as cords and mobile batteries.

Comes with an interior partition board that makes it easy to organize your belongings inside the pouch. The board has a partition on the front side for holding tickets and other papers, and 4 partition pockets on the back side, which can store small items such as 2 SD cards, USB and wired earphones.


The interior is made of pile fabric, which prevents the surfaces of electronic devices from getting scratched.

The Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series type A logo is printed on this item as proof that it is an upcycled item approved by JR Tokai.


It was actually used as fabric for seats, so please you make sure that there some damaged parts like below.

・Lack of raised pile
・Stitches sewn as seating fabric
・Pile bristles cracking due to rubbing
・Slight fading due to rubbing

Please note that this product is an upcycled product and each item will be in a different condition.
The location of the demerits may vary depending on the individual.
Please note that the condition of this product is not selectable.

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